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It was our lawn service and our house was next on the schedule. My wife put Bob Jr. It was very late when the lawn guys left so we decided to leave Bob Jr. When my wife checked on Bob Jr. Well, attack might be an exaggeration -- he jumped toward her. I asked what she meant by "jumped" and was Bob Jr.

I looked all around the patio and didn't see him so I headed back into the house.

Just before I went in, I had a bad feeling and went back for another look. Apparently Bob Jr. He leaped to his death into the pool.

We probably shouldn't have named him Bob You and the Mrs get A for effort and I honestly want to feel bad for the little tree rat but I cannot lie. I have no love for squirrels around the house. When they are up in the trees fending for themselves that's ok but when they get close they become pests. You were probably lucky he cashed in hit own chips before he perked up enough to bite one of you. Bob: The Tomcat rat baits don't even have to be removed from the package. I left a package in my garage and the mice didn't wait for me to serve them on a platter.

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Your farm experiences growing up should have taught you that you never name a squirrel. It makes them harder to eat. Sorry that Bob Jr met such an early demise though.

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Around here we call them "tree rats" so he probably would have become a nuisance. Nice try. I would have handed it over to the Wildlife people here as I have done in the past with injured Kangaroos and Birds. Bob Yep - you beat me to it. I was going to say "this weekend", but Irene and I are away this weekend Gosford Motor Museum - largest private museum in the world, and 3rd largest overall Lyndon I might get a chance early Saturday - we'll see Bob, you guys deserve a medal for the effort, but at the end of the day you can only do so much..

Thanks form sharing that story Bob. Too bad Bob Jr. I thought you were old enough to know better than tell your wife about a baby animal that might have lost it's mother. You're a "softy" at heart. You can get little stick on mesh patches from your camping store if it helps. Guster, I'm extremely happy Matthew took a pass. I spent months cleaning up after the last one. We should have some cooler weather in the near future and that's when I'll do the screening.

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Because there are several 6-foot high sections that need to be replaced as well, I'll be having a secret screen installation session. Only my wife has seen me install screening and she goes in the house to avoid laughing in my presence. Rats are at the top of my hate list and squirrels are at the top of my tolerate list. I remember the summer in Sydney. It rained every single day from Christmas to Easter. I still have the remnants of some webbing between my toes from that year. RM2, I was on my best behavior with the tree ra When they aren't trashing the bird feeders they chew up stuff just for fun.

One of the little bastards gnawed a hole in my gas and poison cabinet outside.

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I fully expected Bob Jr. A squirrel bit my 6-year-old daughter hard enough to draw blood and I wasted a half-day vacation catching it to test for Rabies. Brought it in alive because I wasn't positive they could test a two-dimensional rodent. Krcoomer, I toss a couple of the Tomcat baits into the far corners of the attic whenever I hear a suspicious noise in the house. I've been doing that for about 40 years, starting the day I opened a cabinet door in the garage and a pound rat used my shoulder as an escape route. I've blocked the experience from my memory because I'm pretty sure I screamed like a little girl.

I have been calling squirrels "Tree Rats" for a long time. The squirrels we had in New York had big bushy tails but Florida squirrels have scrawny tails and a lot less fur. I think they are evolving into true rats.

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The rats in Florida are doing more climbing so the two species will someday be one. Simon, that was my first thought but they don't answer the phone on Sunday here. Funding cuts have eliminated many of the rescue centers so we would have had an hour drive to drop the ra The squirrel spent most of Monday on the front lawn, hoping for his mother to return.

On Tuesday morning when we found him floating in the pool it was a relief because hurricane Matthew was bearing down on us. Hardening the house for the storm took priority over finding a good home for the squirrel. I like my Hayward filter but only because we had a home-made filter in our previous home. It meant unscrewing four caps, washing each of the 12 filters and then screwing it back together.

None of the fittings were available from HD or Lowe's so I lived in fear of a failure. My wife and I and our two kids survived two hurricanes living in tents on islands in Lake George, NY. We both weathered a hurricane that hit the end of Long Island, NY in the s, she in a tent and me in a travel trailer. You know you're in trouble when the tire on one side of the trailer lifts off the ground. Your adept use of the language is refreshing! Keep it coming! Andy, back atcha! And thanks for your continued support.

Does your visit to a Motor Museum require a reciprocal Candle Shop visit? Thanks Steve, I have a very tiny tinge of guilt to go along with a fair size feeling of relief that Bob Jr. I know better than to withhold orphaned animal information or anything else for that matter.

The squirrel didn't actually have a name until after his demise. As soon as my wife saw his dead body bobbing up and down in the pool, she named him not even sure it was a Bob -- might have been a Roberta. I believe my "softy" attribute has more to do with my lack of an exercise regimen than a caring heart. On the other hand? I do believe most of my childhood joy for killing things especially model airplanes has morphed into a live and let live attitude.

Bob, This thread really needs to come with a warning.