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Best gaming headphones Want a more immersive experience while you play? Don't miss these cans. The tricky bit is deciding what the best gaming tablet for you is, mainly because there's so much to choose from. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and more have devices on the market, and they can all seem pretty similar at first blush. That's where we come in.

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  7. Our team of experts have tested the biggest and best tablets so they can advise you on what to go for. Because you shouldn't fall into the trap of thinking iPads are the only tablets worth considering. That may have been the case a few years ago, but now everyone's on a much more even playing field. Android equivalents essentially anything by Samsung, Huawei, and Amazon are every bit as good.

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    What's more, they're frequently cheaper. While we're on the subject of cost, you'll also find a deal or two here - particularly in the leadup to Black Friday Happy shopping! Black Friday game deals Black Friday is coming up fast, so keep an eye on our guide in the next few weeks to make sure you're prepared for great deals. Weight: g Dimensions: If you want to game on iOS, there's no device that can beat the 3rd generation iPad Pro.

    We chose the inch model since it's a bit lighter and easier to hold, but the Touch ID has been eliminated in favor of Face ID which makes for a smaller bezel and a more attractive design. The screen is big enough that you can use a tablet stand to place it on a table and connect a controller for more precise play, and with such a powerful device there's no worry about lag. With the iPad Pro you also get a capable device for artwork, watching movies or TV shows, or whatever you can imagine.

    This device is the pinnacle of tablet design, and paired with the Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard it rivals products like the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 improves upon the S3 in a multitude of ways spec-wise but provides much the same experience as its predecessor. That's a good thing, though, because the Tab S3 was terrific for gaming. Quad stereo speakers will help get you into the action and can output Dolby Atmos surround sound for an audio experience that belies the tablet's small size.

    The biggest issue with the Galaxy Tab S4 is its retail price. If you're looking for a great all-around tablet with quality features and design the Tab S4 is current amongst the best choices when it comes to an Android OS powered device. Weight: g Dimensions: x x 9. If you want a tablet for your children, or for someone who's a casual gamer, you actually can't go wrong with the Amazon Fire HD It still has a huge screen with a lovely full HD resolution, and some lovely design aesthetics apart from the plastic design , but you're paying a fraction of the cost of other gaming tablets on this list.

    If you're an Amazon Prime customer, you get a load of other perks, but even non-members can take advantage of the Amazon Underground game store, which offers a tonne of excellent Android games for the very low price of absolutely free. It does run the slightly awkward Amazon Fire OS, but for those looking for an affordable table with the majority of the bells and whistles of something at least twice the price, you can't fault the Fire 10 HD.

    The Tab S6 is a high-end tablet for power users.

    Weight: g Dimensions: x Okay, okay, so not everyone can afford an iPad Pro, or necessary wants the all-singing, all-dancing top end iPad tablet offering. So instead, check out the new 9. It's considerably cheaper than any of the iPad Pro models, but still comes with a crisp display, excellent tech running things behind the scenes and all the access you need to all that iOS gaming goodness.

    It comes with Apple Pencil support, if that's your bag, but more importantly it comes packing the Apple A10 Fusion chipset, which means a lightning fast iPad experience, both for gaming and productivity.

    Best Tablet Deals October Save on iPad and Android Slates - Tech Advisor

    It's a brilliant option for those looking for the Apple gaming experience, and definitely worth a look. There's a reason this is number 3 in our list, and it's not just because it's cheaper. Weight: The new iPad Mini doesn't bring a lot of new features or even a new form factor to the product line. It really doesn't have to. The iPad Mini basically just ups the iPad Mini 4's specs to standards, and that's just fine with us. With the iPad Mini you can get the best of iOS gaming in the highest fidelity while paying around half of what you would if you bought an iPad Pro. Additionally, the newest model of the iPad Mini adds support for the 1st gen Apple Pencil, so it makes a handy little tablet for doing art on as well.

    While PC gaming enthusiasts might want to avert their eyes here, the rest of you, hear me out. Whereas most gaming tablets will only offer you iOS or Android gaming on the go, the Microsoft Surface Pro can actually let you play your Steam and other PC games on a tablet.

    The RAM is a bit low, but if you're not going to push anything too demanding on the tablet that wont be a problem. If you just want a nice Full HD tablet to browse the web and watch film and TV content on then this is an excellent option and feels even better in the hand thanks to the new metal chassis that you'd expect to find on tablets costing far more than the asking price here.

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    Weight: g Dimensions: The Samsung Galaxy S4 deals are looking better than ever now that the new flagship S6 has launched. The Tab S4 is a step up from the older tablets as Samsung has attempted to bring an optional desktop experience to the operating system to make it compete with Microsoft's professional-facing Surface devices. Sadly, this also means you'll have to buy the keyboard and mouse separately if you want the full Dex experience. The S Pen Stylus is included at no extra charge though. Truth be told, if you're not too bothered about the new desktop-modes, you could save a lot of money by opting for the older, but still excellent, Tab S3 model.

    Read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 review.

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    7. Samsung's still packs a mean punch and prices have dropped very nicely since then thanks to the newer models. While still not what you'd call a cheap tablet by any stretch of the imagination, you can often save a lot of money with the S3 compared to the best prices of the newer Tabs. So take a look at the specs list for the two, and is this will do the job just as well, why not save a bit of cash? Read our full review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

      It's super thin - thinner even than the iPad Air 2 - and is also super lightweight but very powerful. The battery isn't the best if you're away from a powerpoint for the day though and the RAM is a little low compared to the newer versions, but if you're not going to be putting the Tab S2 through too many intensive apps, it should still be pretty slick. It's usually less than half the price of the newest Samsung tablet in the series though which is a huge selling point in of itself.

      Read our full review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Prices for the 8-inch and 9. One the one hand getting a bigger screen for less money sounds like the better deal, but maybe you'd prefer the smaller screen if you're on the move more or you find large tablets a bit unwieldy.

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      The battery on this version is smaller which is another element to consider. The screen resolution is the same, but the PPI pixel per inch density is greater on the smaller screen, so it looks just a tiny bit better.

      Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 vs Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - Comparison

      The nonslip backing ensures it won't be sliding out of your hand either. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab A is also a great size tablet to take with you out of the house on your commute or on your hols. And with a battery that lasts up to 11 hours between charges, you'll be doing just that as much as you want and be able to leave the charger at home if you're only out for a day or two. Back to School The best Black Friday Samsung tablet prices and deals This page will see a major shuffle-up when Black Friday and Cyber Monday get here at the end of November, as they'll bring big savings on a range of tech and non-tech products, including Samsung tablets.