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Overall they came out pretty good for being a drug store development. It took a week because they had to send it out.

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Here are some of the photos I developed with Walgreens. They were quick and did a really good job, mostly because the people working it actually cared about photography. The worker told me that I would not get my film back, but I took the risk anyways. They were underexposed and pixelated. Not getting the film back meant that any hope of getting new scans was lost and precious memories were no longer preserved in a photo.

Film seems more genuine to me and it makes me take my time to get a good picture instead of taking 30 on a DSLR and, hopefully, getting at least one good one. Back then I knew just about nothing about taking a picture in 35mm so with two rolls in hand, I went to my local Walgreens. Overall, it cost me 15 dollars a roll and took about two weeks. The actual content at Walgreens was good, but it was expensive, took a long time, and I hated not getting my negatives back.

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My order was lost, and took weeks to show up, and they threw my negatives away! They did an ok job usually and sometimes I was really impressed by how fast and friendly they were. They were not good at it, low scans, once the machine ate my roll, or their machine would be dirty and a line would print out on pictures. It came in handy and saved me money too. I used the government photo sizing app online and went to Walgreens. Box and the date the photo was taken.

The photographer may use a stamp or handwrite the information stick-on labels are not acceptable. How would you approach this? The requirements for passport photos in Canada are different from those in the United States and other countries. If not, your application will be rejected [end quote]. I had a very bad experience with Wall green photo center on Sunday Dec.

I uploaded 2 sets of passport type photos on their website using idphoto4u. I protested and refused to get any print. What a scam? I had a total of 4 prints. I have copied the page from walgreens. I apologize for any confusion on this issue but that is the price we charge for this service.

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We do not print internet orders for passports. Again I apologize for any inconvenience, Jim. Woah, really? That is terrible! This is horrible. All the more reason to just get it through Oddprints. I told him that he did not have the right to ask me that question. IF and only if the photos were of an illegal nature i.

If they appeared to be copyright infringement they would ask me to sign a waiver releasing them from any liability. I get all that. But to charge me a different price based upon my intentions to use the print is flat out illegal behavior. The fact that it is store or corporate policy should lead to an investigation. When it was clear that I was an upset customer, the store manager told me that he would not charge me this one time.

Hi Jim — I merely wanted a funny picture of a passport and originally looked for an equivalent that was from the U.

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Thanks for your updates and info. I used OddPrints. I needed six photos. All of that absolutely free. Also, I want to share my experience with CVS. Luckily I confirmed that just in time.

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What a rip-off. Just a word of caution for other users, always confirm the price of additional prints. There was no attendant around. When I was finished I asked for someone to come to Photo so that they could get my picture from the printer and ring me up. The clerk pulls my picture out, glares at me and proceeds to accuse me of going behind the counter, taking my own photo and learning how to operate complicated photo machinery in the 10 minutes that she was away from her post.

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So I waited about 10 minutes, started feeling ridiculous and left to call Rite-Aid Corporate. I went back later to retrieve my cent photo, which they graciously refused to accept payment for. Cut to today — upload my photo to Walgreens and I go to pick up my print. I told him he made it sound like it was a bad thing, and I left without my picture. These are unbelievable stories, Lisa. Wow, what a fantastic tool! It takes out all of the headache and frustration. Thanks for the info, with no gimmicks!

I recently got to use the info in this post, and seriously, it was crazy cheap. Trying to get a decent indoor shot with reasonable lighting was proving to be a challenge. So we went outside when it was cloudy diffuse lighting , put a large sheet of white paper and taped it to the brick wall, then took turns taking the necessary pics. A few variations, just in case. Wide enough that we could zoom in a bit in post if necessary. Next, transferred it to the laptop, then one pic at a time uploaded to the official US passport site. From there, you download the finished image.

Next, loaded it up into Adobe CS 6 Photoshop for the unawares. Did a bit of cleanup, including a auto white balance based off the white backdrop, then b selected the person in the photo, inverted the selection, then used the fill tool to put white in there to replace the backdrop it was starting to look a little less white.

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Next, uploaded to Oddprints. Next, drove to Walmart and visited their photo department.

  • Walgreens Photo Coupon Promotion: Free 8X10 Print w/ Promo Code MOMSFREE (Ends Today).
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  • Found a self-serve kiosk. Trying to check out was another matter. We were eventually successful got bounced from one checkout to another, then back to the original , but check out this side observation:.

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