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Help to return my order history. You should contact directly with online retailers, where it happened. Here are the only ones that can help. I am disabled 2 Group. Can I discount on car insurance and where to look for in the process of insurance? How to purchase coupons for buying air tickets? Can't find where registered Silksecret. Tell me please. This domain is registered in Latvia on an individual through a hosting company in Latvia year.

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The site server is in Latvia. Sister of Russia is going to send a parcel with children's things in the gift. She has its production. Because it is a gift that I don't anything naturally paid her. Will I have problems getting a parcel? Non-commercial parcels, are not regular, contain only goods, intended for the personal use of the recipient, properties and the quantity of the goods does not indicate commercial motives, the sender sends it to the recipient free of charge.

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Advise sister, Let declares low cost parcel and if things a lot let divide into several parcels and sends them at weekly intervals. When ordering hours in America Internet shop or on Ebay do here pay customs clearance? Learn more about customs clearance You can read here. On Ebay, you can make a choice by continent and select Europe, a parcel from Europe are not subject to VAT and customs tax. Whether the sender to specify brand watches and their country of manufacture?

Or you can write just a clock? Customs will do the calculation on the amount declared, or watch catalogue, If it thinks that the amount declared is too small? Customs will do the calculation on the amount declared, But if they have any suspicions, they can open the parcel and check and of course if there proves to be a ROLEX declared as 10 USD, then for any questions. In this case, you typically are asked to provide additional documents, a copy of the payment if you purchased, sometimes ask for a link to a resource where bought.

I want to send a gift watches, will have to pay taxes? If you give them and send for free, but declare the cost of shipment EUR, This premise is not commercial and customs clearance will be approximately EUR. Because sending valuable meaning to send by courier, It is more expensive, but you get exactly, but the truth is you will have to pay exactly and customs clearance.

If you send by mail and declare the cost less 20 EUR, most likely you will never need to pay for customs clearance, but there is a chance that you may not get a parcel, It can simply divide. All these options relate to parcels from third countries, If a parcel from Europe, the rolls do not have to pay. Still consider send trEURs with conductors or through drivers of Interstate buses, Sometimes this is the best option.

Good afternoon, I am writing to request, our store is hosted with you on the portal, the point is that, What we store item, and we now have another firm and according to other legal address, would like to make changes. We are unable to make the legal information directory the name of the company, registration number and contacts Internet shops.

Such information can be made completely free at the request of the owners of Internet shops, provided that the online store posted our button. Learn more about buttons here. Good afternoon! According to the tracking service my order is already in Latvia 14 days. How long does the customs procedure and what to do in case of further delay? Thanks already for,what you eat. But usually the courier services in the interest of rapid delivery and they would have already contacted with you.

Most likely your parcel goes through the mail, It is necessary to call and find out - phone number find on this page. DVR, voice recorder, Ultrasonic dog repeller, portable camcorder, You can order it on aliexpress or will be trouble with customs? Could you post a list of prohibited goods to be imported to Latvia!!! Or give a link where you can see? All that you have listed, you can safely buy, It all depends on the number of. Electronics banned for import of special technical means, designed to secretly obtain information, This includes all sorts of spy gadgets, as well as radio frequency devices - various signal jammers.

For a complete list of prohibited items, we will publish as soon as possible in the section articles. On the tracking number on the site the postal service of the Netherlands It can be seen that the parcel is located in Latvia and pass customs control. Ordered male jacket on the site getdiscountmoncler. The jacket came very low quality threads protrude, all crooked sewn, instead of fur and leather cheap fabric , wrote, I want to return.

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The answer is no, should the other day to send female I think with horror, that will come. Money was originally translated. I do not know, What do I do. To the address you offer search engine, It would be desirable to know a specific store, where you place an order.

In any case, it all depends on the payment method, you paid for your order and how much time has elapsed since the. Learn more about actions in this situation read here. The largest carrier on the territory of the United States.

For tracking parcels go to USPS official website and make the parcel number in the special form for search. It makes sense to bother with an account at PayPal, or you can do without it? If you plan to buy goods abroad, without Paypal practically can not do. Many stores offer Paypal as the only payment method, In addition to use Paypal is really simple and convenient.

For transferring money remitter pays nothing, calculate Commission with the seller. So you decide you need it or not. Thank you. First try to communicate with the seller, they can clarify the situation. Note, that time before Christmas, and trade between China and Europe these days has grown several times, During this time, there are always delays. Try to wait. You can also contact the bank and write a notice of inquiry.

Is there a European wholesale markets like Aliexpress to buy merchandise without passing through customs? I was looking for, in the end all were Chinese. Of the European most famous and large Amazon. UK , but there's also already appeared Chinese sellers. Yet many sellers from Europe to eBay , in the description of the goods the seller's location. How many Internet stores of goods for children in Latvia? In our catalog at the moment 41 children's shop, but really they are a little more, catalogues are not yet fully.

To find children's goods stores here. Bought the goods from the seller in France, which trades on ebay. Paid directly by bank transfer, the seller sent my package and gave the number to keep track of. The last time the parcel made the way on the site Cilissimo In Latvia, this assumption is not showing.

Maybe someone had something similar? Thanks for the reply. Try writing to the seller via the contact form in your account on eBay, You can also open a dispute and write the eBay, sellers is hate and all ways try to settle the dispute. France sending normally reach for 2 - 3 of the week, If longer, We need to begin to act. Got a parcel from TinyDeal, but can't get, received a letter that they could not determine the cost and asking for documents about fees, tell me what to do and how to do?

How it happens? Apparently it is the customs, and she asked for clarification of the cost of the parcel. You need to gather a number of documents. Email address using the form mail customs at the airport of mkp.


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Guys Hi! Can anyone suggest any Ukrainian clothing stores? That would drive here from there. Thank you in advance. Unfortunately at the moment we have no information about Ukraine, but the information is provided and updated daily, Maybe soon we will be able to answer your question. Tell me please, where is the best place to buy clothes wholesale in China?